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Steve is the Chairman of Package Perfect, Ltd. a consultancy specializing in packaging companies to increase M&A valuations. Steve’s professional background is in marketing, but he’s personally led 11 M&A transactions and uses a formulaic approach to improve exit valuations.  When he’s not consulting, Steve also serves as a mentor to growing companies and as Chief Marketing Officer for the Harvard Business School Alumni Angels. 


Steve has honed the techniques to increase exit payouts over the years and calls his proprietary process Exit Valuation Enhancement (EVE).  EVE is based on the premise that your terminal valuation is based on market perceptions in addition to your numbers.  These perceptions are a key component of your deal optics and built on what the market thinks your company is worth: the strength and visibility of your brand, how differentiated your offerings are, and how defendable your income stream is based on your market share and IP.  Steve’s software company started 4th to market, but exited market dominant - he used EVE to improve his M&A valuation by 34%.


Typical EVE candidates have already received acquisition offers and within a 30 month window of their planned exit is when companies  should start the process.  Steve projects a typical company will increase its exit valuation by 20% – 50% or more using EVE – but the earlier you start, the greater the impact.  


Steve grew up in New York but lives now with his family just outside Atlanta, Georgia.  He spent the majority of his career in marketing from Madison Avenue to brand management to social media and has a passion for Public Relations.  Steve lectures on Marketing, Entrepreneurship, M&A and Investor Relations.  His avocations include mentoring, songwriting and playing chess.  Steve has degrees in Communications and Advertising from Boston University and an MBA from Harvard.