Keiretsu Global Network Exits

Keiretsu Capital and Keiretsu Forum's Global Network have invested in a plethora of amazing companies spanning all industries. Below are some of the more recent and noteworthy exits the Keiretsu Global Network has taken part in.

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Valuation at IPO:


Money Raised at IPO:


IPO Share Price


IPO Date

Jun 1, 2017

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Developer of insulin products. The company offers SmartInsulin, a self regulating injectable formulation for treating diabetes.

The company was acquired by Merck & Company (NSYE:MRK) for $500 million on December 3, 2010.



Provider of online backup services to mainstream computer users. The company provides backup services for both Windows and Mac users. It provides services that protect customers' emails, photos, music, business contacts and financial data.

A total of 6,250,000 shares were sold at at a price of $10 per share. After the offering, there was a total of 24,000,105 outstanding shares (excluding the over-allotment option) priced at $10 per share, valuing the company at $240 million.

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Boston Heart Diagnostics

Provider of cardiovascular disease management services. The company provides cholesterol balance test and Boston Heart Navigator. It also conducts studies for the pharma industry and health care research organizations to support drug and therapy trials.

The company was acquired by Eurofins Scientific (XPAR: EUFI) for $200 million on February 2, 2015.



Provider of solar and smart home tech. The company provides hardware and software dealing in home energy management.

The company was acquired by Generac on March 13, 2019.